Hydraulic slotting machine 7D450 – general overhaul




The vertical slotting machine type 7D450 with a hydraulic drive has undergone a major overhaul of the mechanical, electrical and hydraulic parts, along with the derivation of the geometry in accordance with the Technical Acceptance Conditions (WOT) and EN. The machine has also been adapted to the minimum health and safety requirements, and as a result, a Statement of Compliance with the minimum requirements has been issued.

During the overhaul of the slotting machine, the mechanical part included: regeneration of the body parts, grinding of all support guides with geometry adjustment (sticking with a special sliding lining and scraping of the appropriate sliding surfaces), regeneration of the table, regeneration of the chisel clamp, regeneration of clutches, replacement of damaged bearings, wheels gears, shafts, regeneration of the hydraulic system, lubrication system, cooling system, and a cover protecting the working space of the slotting machine (vertical travel of the slider) was installed. The entire hydraulic part has been reviewed, and the hydraulic equipment has been replaced or regenerated depending on the condition and degree of wear. In the electrical part, the following were performed: a new electrical installation (new wiring), a new electrical cabinet, limit switches, a new control panel, an inspection of electric motors with replacement of bearings and a new LED-10L lamp.

Basic technical data:

  • table working surface diameter: 800 mm
  • chisel pitch: largest 500 mm, smallest 120 mm
  • max travel of the chisel within the working area: 700 mm
  • max. angle of rotation of the chisel in the direction of longitudinal feed: 10°
  • max. knife cross-section: 40x25 mm
  • max. table travel: transverse 650 mm, longitudinal 800 mm
  • max height of the workpiece: when machining the outer surface 650 mm, when machining the inner surface 325 mm
  • table travel per 1 turn of the handle: longitudinal 0.7 mm, transverse 1.4 mm, rotary 0.87°
  • main motor: 11 kW
  • weight: 8200 kg

Vertical slotting machines 7D450 were manufactured by Gomelskij Stankostroitielnyj Zawod im. S. M. Kirov, USSR. These conventional slotting machines with a hydraulic drive are considered to be one of the stiffest vertical slotting machines, used in the heavy machining industry for unit, small-lot production involving slotting of flat and shaped surfaces, cutouts, grooves and slotting with a slot with an inclination angle of up to 10°.

The advantage of the 7D450 vertical slotting machines is the very high rigidity of the machine tool due to the use in the production of large-size bodies with wide surfaces of sliding surface guides, enabling the processing of details (slot slotting) on a rotary table with a diameter of 800 mm.

The 7D450 vertical slotting machines are equipped with a hydraulic box that allows you to process workpieces up to the stop with an exit to a groove with a width of not less than 8 mm, which significantly extends the technological capabilities of the slotting machines and the scope of their use in production.

The 7D450 type vertical slotting machines offered after a complete overhaul, made by the MultiMasz company in Bralin, do not differ in technical parameters from the parameters of new slotting machines manufactured by the manufacturer.

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