Clutches and brakes

sprzęgło mechaniczneAs the only one in Europe, we have a huge warehouse of new electromagnetic clutches and brakes used in metalworking machines and other machines and industrial equipment. We take immediate action in the event of failure of the machine, so as to maximize the machine downtime and minimize losses.

In our warehouse there are over 50,000 clutches and brakes ready for immediate sale.

MultiMasz is an authorized representative of the companies


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The most popular brands which we have in continuous sale, are: ZF, Heid, Stromag, Ortlinghaus, Binder Magnete, Ema Dessau, Fumo, PSP Pohony, Telcomec, Warner, Monninghoff, Shinko, but also many other unique positions.

We offer: clutches and brakes: electromagnetic multidiscs, toothed, mechanical and hydraulic; accessories: driver cups, plates (steel, sintered steel), levers, brush-holders, assembly sets, brushes.

We operate efficiently because we know that in a crisis situation, the quick response is the most important thing.

Are you looking for an electromagnetic clutch or brake? Our staff will help you to find it, and in case of items which are not longer in production, they will find a best replacement for you, or will offer a regeneration.

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