Heavy duty lathe Wohlenberg

The lathe renovation and modernization project was prepared especially for the needs of our key customer.

Thanks to the professional staff of our technologists, electronics engineers and mechanics, the conventional heavy lathe has been redesigned for its new purpose.

The machine is currently used as a CNC horizontal boring machine for boring cylindrical sleeves.

The following components were fully renovated:

  • guides,
  • main motor,
  • headstock,
  • chip and hopper conveyor.

The following works were performed as part of the modernization:

  • The SIEMENS 802 D sl CNC control system was installed
  • New electrical cabinets were made.
  • New filters have been applied.
  • A new bottom bracket was made, reduction plates for the eyepiece.
  • Rotary cylinders for opening and closing the handle are installed.
  • A new air conditioner was installed.
  • The lathe has been designed for wet operation.
  • Machine tool working space was professionally sealed, and
  • new safety covers were built.

The following have been exchanged:

  • all hydraulic components,
  • electrical equipment,
  • wiring,
  • cable ducts (replaced with openwork),

The machine was adapted to the basic safety and health requirements.


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