Hydraulic press PHW 25X350 overhaul and modernization – 3 working modes



We recently completed another interes2ng project for our key customer. The hydraulic press has undergone a major overhaul and moderniza2on. The machine works in three modes: straightening, manual control and foot control, which gives operator the opportunity to choose the most advantageous mode depending on the work performed. Thanks to this, the versa2lity of using the machine has been increased, and the way it is operated has become much more friendly and safe for the operator.

Hydraulic press PHW 25x350 - scope of machine modernization:

  • Installa2on of a new electrical installa2on with a cabinet, operator panel and all protec2ons
  • New PLC-based control system that meets safety requirements
  • New hydraulic system in a version dedicated to hydraulic presses - mee2ng current safety standards
  • Housing adapted to the new health and safety regula2ons
  • Changed press opera2on from mechanical levers to a two-hand control panel and foot safety switch
  • Regenera2on of the hydraulic cylinder was performed along with the moderniza2on of the type of seals
  • A free-standing hydraulic unit was used, which greatly facilitates service work, such as oil change.
  • The control system, together with the appropriate sensors installed on the machine, controls the parameters of the hydraulic oil, such as temperature and contamina2on level
  • The piston posi2on control system has been completed


The PHW 25x350 type hydraulic press offered after a complete overhaul, made by the MultiMasz company in Bralin, do not differ in technical parameters from the parameters of new slotting machines made by the manufacturer.

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