Spare parts production

części metalowe

In a wide range of our services, we offer, among others, the production of mechanical parts based on the customers’ documentation or samples provided. If necessary, our designers, in consultation with the customer, will prepare a new ready-made project.

At customer’s request, and as far as possible, we do regeneration of mechanical parts such as trapezoidal lead screws (with new nuts), or ball screws.

As an experienced manufacturer, we also provide technical support concerning the selection of materials and technologies used in production processes.

The standard production includes mainly:

  • helical gears with straight teeth
  • bevel and bevel-arched gears
  • worm gears
  • toothed bushes and sleeves, multisplined sleeves
  • toothed bars
  • trapezoidal screws and nutsmechanical parts based on samples or provided documentation

In cooperation with our long-time Partners, we also offer such services as:

  • induction hardening
  • carburizing
  • thermal improvement
  • nitrification