Overhaul and modernization of machine tools


The main advantage of overhaul and modernization of the machine tool is primarily to increase its efficiency and accuracy of machining while reducing costs. Complete overhaul of the machine tool is the restoration of the machine geometric system to the condition defined by the genral technical acceptance conditions of the new machine tool, and hence to adapt the machine to the minimum health and safety requirements.

Overhauled machines have the advantage over new ones that their body is already naturally seasoned, thanks to which we avoid mechanical stresses. Such a body maintains its geometry in the long-term perspective and more effectively suppresses vibrations. In addition, after the installation of a new control system, the functionality of the machine increases significantly and is equal to the new machine tools.


Depending on the complexity of the machine, various control variants may be used, e.g.

  • in simple machines – logic control system based on relays and contactors,
  • with more complex machines – recommended use of PLCs (the brand of the controller is determined by the customer),
  • and CNC numerical control in machines requiring such system (Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi)

Depending on the scope of repair and modernization of the machine tool, we can save markable cost which appears in relation to the purchase of a new machine.


We offer modernization of machine tools in the field of, e.g.:

  • increasing the range of the machining space of the machine tool
  • replacement of mechanical transmissions (reducers, feed boxes, etc.) for servo drives
  • replacement of trapezoidal screws with ball screws
  • application of central lubrication systems
  • making new safety covers
  • regeneration of hydraulic systems
  • assembly of magnetic or optical measuring systems
  • replacement of the existing control and electric system with modern solutions