Spare parts

Spare parts, equipment and accessories for machine tools

Our offer includes thousands of spare parts, components, and accessories for different types of machine tools. In the permanent sale we have elements for lathes, milling machines, grinders and drills, of the world’s leading manufacturers. For machine tools’ owners we have a huge selection of parts available from the shelves in our warehouse. In the case of individual needs, we order or manufacture the necessary part at the customer’s request.

In permanent sale, we offer mechanical parts (lead screws with nuts, ball screws, different gears, shafts, sleeves, etc.), hydraulic (pumps, valves, filters), electric and electronic (magnetic and optical scales, machine lighting, relays, industrial connectors, etc.). In order to meet the needs and expectations of customers who operate the machine tools of the Russian, Bulgarian and Czech origin, we have introduced into our offer the most key components for these machines. Thanks to direct and long-term cooperation with producers and distributors, we can guarantee a full range of high quality products at an affordable price.

Our sales consultants will help you identify the part you need (after giving the model name and type of machine), as well as facilitate the selection of the best product at a good price.

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