Tool milling machine FNGJ-32 – general overhaul


The Czech tool milling machine FNGJ-32 has undergone a major overhaul along with adaptation to the minimum requirements for occupational health and safety in the use of machines. The scope of the overhaul includes the repair of the mechanical part, the electrical part, the derivation of the geometry in accordance with the Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) and aplicable EN.

During the overhaul of the milling machine in the mechanical part, the following works were performed: regeneration of the body parts, grinding of all sliding surfaces with geometry setting (sticking with a special sliding lining and scraping of the relevant sliding surfaces), regeneration of the spindle cone, regeneration of the working surface of the table, repair of the vertical milling head, regeneration of clutches, replacement of damaged bearings, gears, shafts, lead screws, nuts, regeneration of the hydraulic system, lubrication system, cooling system, etc., a cover was installed protecting the working space of the vertical head: the type of cover used - PFR-01/400SX.

In the electrical part, following works were made: a new electrical installation (new wiring), a new electrical cabinet mounted on the side of the milling machine, optical scales for digital position reading in 3 axes, limit switches, a new control panel, a new LM10 lamp, electric motors and bearings were inspected and changed if necessary.


Technical parameters of the tool milling machine FNGJ-32::

  • working surface of the vertical table: 510x370 mm
  • working surface of the angular horizontal table: 800x400 mm
  • ISO-40 horizontal spindle taper
  • maximum longitudinal travel of the vertical table, X axis: 600 mm
  • maximum vertical travel of the vertical table, Z axis: 400 mm
  • maximum transverse movement of the headstock, axis Y: 400 mm
  • number of working feeds (longitudinal, transverse, vertical): 18
  • ranges of longitudinal and transverse working feeds: 8-400 mm/min.
  • vertical working feed ranges: 4-200 mm/min.
  • speed of accelerated longitudinal and transverse feeds: 2000 mm/min.
  • accelerated vertical feed speed: 1000 mm/min.
  • number of rotational speeds of the horizontal spindle: 18
  • horizontal spindle speed ranges: 40-2000 rpm.
  •  distance from the axis of the horizontal spindle to the working surface of the horizontal table: 125-525 mm
  • distance from the face of the spindle of the vertical head to the surface of the horizontal table: 58-458 mm
  • main engine: 3KW
  • machine dimensions (L/W/H): 1830/1645/1735 mm
  • weight: 1725 kg


Tool milling machines of the FNGJ-32 type were manufactured by the TOS company in former Czechoslovakia. The TOS company is a well-known manufacturer of machine tools, which occupies one of the most important places in the Czech engineering industry.

FNGJ-32 are conventional milling machines considered to be one of the best tool milling machines, used in the machining industry mainly in tool shops for unit, small-lot production consisting in milling parts for the production of injection molds, e.g.: external surfaces, front surfaces, cones, keyway channels, spline channels, etc. from materials made of steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics.

The advantage of the FNGJ-32 tool milling machines is the high rigidity of the machine tool due to the use in the production of largesize bodies, which enables the processing of details weighing 300 kg and the milling machine's rich additional equipment with accessories, e.g.: vertical table, horizontal angle table, slotting attachment, rotary table, dividing head, with which the milling machine can be quickly converted to perform various types of details. 

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