Electrics and pneumatics

silnik elektryczny

Our offer includes high quality products from the field of electrics, electronics and industrial pneumatics.



digital position reading systems – optical and magnetic measuring systems, diodes, thyristors, bridge rectifiers, magnetic rulers, small and high power resistors, CNC / PRONUM packets and many other



contactors, auxiliary contacts, relays, industrial connectors, overcurrent protections, motor protections, thermal relays, time relays, transformers, switches, markers, wire and eye terminals, electrical and hydraulic reactors, protective tubes (conduits), fasteners for conduits and cables.



limit switches, micro switches, manipulators (joysticks), motors, drives, inverters, encoders, proximity and magnetic inductive sensors, pressure and optoelectronic sensors, control buttons, sliders, industrial connectors (including SzR), controllers (Siemens, LG), driver modules (inputs, digital and analog outputs), counters (time, pulses), electromagnets, electromagnetic clutches.

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