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Vibro-isolators GNNI – ADVANTAGES

  • precise machine leveling
  • quick and easy assembly without the need for anchoring in the floor
  • perfect isolation of the machine from vibrations transmitted through the ground


Diameter [mm] Screw thread [mm] Load [kg]
80 M12 x 120 500
120 M16 x 145 1000
160 M20 x 170 1500
200 M24 x 190 2500



  • metal machine tools, e.g. lathes, grinders, milling machines, slotting machines, presses, saws, etc.
  • wood machine tools, e.g. planers, thicknessers, saws, etc.
  • machines and devices for plastic processing
  • production, assembly, transport, bottling lines, etc.
  • other machines and devices used in various industries



The size of vibration isolators should be selected taking into account the following basic parameters of the device: total weight, rotational speed, number and diameter of holes in the base, height of the base. By choosing, it is recommended to assume a maximum working load of 80% of the nominal load.



Under the openings of the raised machine slide the vibration isolator plate with the sleeve, and then screw in the bolt until it stops lifting the machine.
Then proceed to leveling the machine by screwing the bolt. After leveling, secure the screw with the lock nut.

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