Safety guards for machine tools


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We are the exclusive representative in Poland of TecnoPiu company - an Italian manufacturer of certified protective covers for machine tools. All standard and customized products of TecnoPiu safety guards are in continuous sale, available form stock. Additionally, we provide support in selecting the best solutions to ensure full work safety.


What includes our offer:

  •  high-class protective guards for industrial machines, mostly for machine tools like lathes, milling machines, drills, grinders;
  • safety guards for machine spindle, lathe chuck, tool post, roller covers for screws and drive shafts and many more;
  • verification services of machines and devices in terms of compliance with minimum occupational health and safety requirements;
  • professional support in selecting covers for machines, as well as non-standard solutions to maintain work safety;
  • fast delivery directly from our warehouse



What are machine safety guards used for?

The main task of machine guards is to ensure the safety of the operator of a given device. They constitute a barrier between the working element of the machine - for example, metal milling machines or drilling machines - and the person operating it, and protect against, for example, splashes of cooling liquid, flying chips or scraps of processed metal. This type of protection may take the form of a cover, fence or door. Both fixed and removable machine guards are available on the market - the choice between them is made based on the type of device and potential threats.


Safety guards for machines from a reputable manufacturer

From the very beginning of its activity, TecnoPiu has focused on the production of safety covers for machines, focusing on innovative solutions and top-class materials. In this way, it created a series of functional, durable and therefore reliable products that conquered the machinery market.

For each cover, the end user receives an instruction manual and an EC Declaration of Conformity with a unique serial number. All switches used in commercially available safety covers for machines comply with the relevant standards: IEC – EN 60947-5-1, VED 0660-206. We also offer very practical and easy-to-install covers on a magnetic base.


A wide range of covers for machine tools

We supply highly durable covers for machine tools and other equipment used in various types of industrial plants. The modern machine tool safety guards available in our offer will provide your employees with maximum safety and full comfort of work. In our offer one can find solid covers for grinders, lathes, drills, as well as covers for milling machines, covers for saws (including angle saws), slotting machines and many other machines.

Our assortment also includes accessories for covers for milling machines and other machine tools, including: adjustment levers and actuators. In addition, we offer portable, roll-up protective screens, especially useful during work such as welding or grinding.


Safety guards for lathes

Lathe covers manufactured by TecnoPiu effectively protect against splashes of cooling liquids, chips, and sometimes also against grease leaks. Depending on the selected model, you can mount them on the side of the machine body, frontally or top-down. We sell not only fixed, but also sliding covers for lathes made of transparent or opaque material. Moreover, most available lathe chuck covers are equipped with a safety microswitch.

We also offer floor-mounted, durable lathe bed covers and roll-up covers to protect machine operators from rotating parts. Detailed information about available models of lathe chuck covers can be found in the catalog available in the "Downloads" tab.


Safety guards for drilling machines

We supply high-class covers for drills and similar machines, designed to protect the operator of the device from contact with chips and cooling substances. In our offer you will certainly find a durable and functional safety cover - we sell covers for drills of various sizes, including: telescopic covers or covers equipped with an additional rear screen. In addition, all our products in this category have a built-in safety microswitch.

We offer, among others: safety guards for bench drills, but also covers for similar devices. Among the devices in this category, telescopic covers for table and column drills are particularly popular - perfect for protecting the spindle and cutting tool.


Telescopic covers for CNC machines

Our offer also includes high-quality, durable accordion covers for CNC machines. Like other commercially available safety covers, they are highly resistant to abrasion, bending, temperature and other machining processes. The accordion covers for CNC machines we provide are easy to install and will work well in various types of machine tools.

Properly selected and properly installed telescopic covers prevent the machine operator from contacting its moving parts. Moreover, they protect the devices against various types of dirt: dust, liquids, and hot chips entering the machine.