Two-section Russian vane pump series 50G-12…

Pompa łopatkowa dwusekcyjna serii 50G

The 50G12-… series vane pumps are designed to supply mineral oil at nominal pressure to the hydraulic systems of industrial equipment. They have a durable cast iron body resistant to mechanical stress. The time of continuous operation of the pump at maximum outlet pressure should not exceed 30 s.
Pumps of this type have found excellent application in many metalworking machines produced in the former USSR, but they are also used in other industrial and production installations. It is possible to install the device above and below the oil level. The direction of rotation of the shaft is indicated by an arrow on the housing.

General characteristics of the pump:

  • Duty period: 53.8/110.4 l/min.
  • Working volume: 63 cm³
  • Rated rotational speed: 960 rpm
  • Rated power: 20.5 kW

We also have in stock many other single- and two-section vane pumps used in Russian metalworking machines, even those no longer produced.