Teleco Freni srl – safety brakes

We present new products in our offer: Teleco Freni safety brakes, active brakes and tailor-made brakes for different applications.
Teleco Freni s.r.l. is an Italian manufacturer who has been designing and manufacturing spring applied brakes (with diameters up to 300 mm, torques up to 500 Nm) and pneumatic and electromagnetic clutches (both tooth and friciton disc) more than 25 years now.

Their products perform high construciton standards and exceptional quality.

Main application:

• Handling systems: brake motors, material handling systems, automatic warehouses, conveyor belts, liMing equipment.
• Machine tools: lathes, milling and grinding machines, industrial robots & automation.
• Self-propelled equipment: plaPorm liMs, escalators and stairliMs; self-propelled wheelchairs.
• Other applications: stage machinery and entertainment industry equipment; automatic doors and gates; medical

The first and best Teleco Freni products are safety brakes - spring applied brakes with high braking energy and good resistance to wear. These brakes work in the absence of electricity and are therefore ideal in the event of an emergency since they can maintain the stoppage position for a long time.

Spring pressure safety brakes
FMP 050 - 058
ECOR FMPR 083 – 300
ECO FMP 083 - 165
COMP 083 – 145

In the offer of this Italian manufacturer, we can find also electromagnetic active brakes FP series composed of two parts: coil housing or stator and disc brake. These brakes are used for dry applications only, mainly in brake motors, transport and handling equipment, automation, doors, gates, or windows..

Electromagnetic active brakes
FP1 00 - 25
FP2 03 - 25
FP3 03 - 25

Teleco Freni offers also special brakes – customized products suitable for work in difficult climatic conditions like a high rate of humidity or very low temperatures. Main application fields for these brakes are wind turbines, handling equipment for refrigerating room, or mining industry equipment and machinery. Available are also specific brakes for counter balanced fork lift trucks.