Electromagnetic holders and other tooling for grinders

We provide high-quality accessories for machine tools, including electromagnetic chucks, electromagnetic holders and other tooling for grinding machines. The products available in our offer primarily allow you to increase the precision of metal processing, as well as significantly accelerate and facilitate this process. We invite you to read the information about the most popular types of tooling for grinders and other machine tools among our customers.

What is an electromagnetic chuck for?

We sell solid electromagnetic holders, which are especially useful during processing with the use of grinding machines (for example, in the construction of tools). They are used to fasten processed objects made of ferromagnetic materials, and they are suitable for work carried out by various industries. The use of an electromagnetic holder gives full access to the workpiece and allows you to increase the accuracy of the entire machining process. Moreover, this type of handle does not damage the ground element.

How are electromagnetic chcuks for grinders constructed?

The electromagnetic chucks for grinders available in our offer are made of durable materials, thanks to which they are resistant to any kind of damage. They are equipped with resistance strips that help to immobilize the ground element. What's more, electromagnetic chucks for grinders are powered by direct current and have a built-in controller that allows you to adjust the clamping force of the element (proportional to the voltage value). In addition, the design of this type of device is waterproof.