Central lubrication system

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Our offer includes a wide selec=on of pumps and accessories for central lubrica=on systems, and our technologists are always happy to provide advice on the right choice of lubrica=on devices.

We invite you to submit your inquiries to the following address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Most oNen offered:

  • TSM/AP-3L-P - pump with built-in =me relay for single-line system
  • TSA/J-3L-P - pump for connec=on to a PLC controller
  • DSM/AP-3L-P - pump with built-in =me relay for resistance system
  • DSR-8 - hand pump for resistance system


Central lubrication systems are a modern solution, the use of which translatesinto improved quality and efficiency of machines, as well as extending their life. It is perfect for both CNC machines for glass and metal processing, plastic injection molding machines and conventional machines. Our offer includes modern, proven and reliable central lubrication systems and a wide range of useful accessories.


Accessories for central lubrication pumps

In the current offer you will find not only central lubrication pumps, but also accessories, such as: single- and twoline distributors, progressive distributors, different kind of connectors, valves, cutting rings, nuts, spring covers, plugs, plastic or nylon hoses etc.

For more information on central lubrication of machines, please visit: www.centralne-smarowanie.com. We also
encourage you to contact our team - we will advise you in choosing the right spare parts.