Clutches and brakes regeneration

naprawa i regeneracja sprzęgieł

Each clutch or brake undergoes natural wear over time and requires either replacement with a new one or comprehensive regeneration. It is worth using the knowledge and services of specialists who, thanks to many years of experience, will thoroughly verify the current condition of the clutch and easily select and replace appropriate parts. Although it seems simple, a common problem in self-repairs is incorrect clutch adjustment, which results in the operation of a specific clutch or brake inconsistent with the requirements and technical properties. Please remember that any unprofessional interference in the structure of the clutch or brake, or its incorrect assembly/disassembly, may lead to failure and thus generate additional costs, including the need to purchase a completely new clutch or repair damaged components of the machine in which it is installed.

At MultiMasz, we have been dealing with clutches and brakes for machine tools for many years and, in addition to a huge selection of new electromagnetic clutches (multi-plate and toothed) and brakes, we also offer their regeneration. The cost of such a service and the final scope of work necessary to be performed are always determined after verification of the clutch/brake at our plant and in consultation with the client. Each clutch regenerated in our company is covered by a warranty. The standard scope of clutch or brake regeneration - depending on the need, type of clutch and degree of wear - includes, among others:sprzęgło wiertarka rosyjska

  • rewinding,
  • replacement of external and internal plates,
  • replacing clutch springs,
  • regeneration or production of a new contact and insulating ring,
  • armature regeneration,
  • final assembly,
  • clutch adjustment and checking the correct operation of the clutch.

For clutches and brakes no longer available on the market, we offer our customers as an alternative:

  • selection of substitutes that meet the required technical parameters and professional technical assistance in their adaptation to the machine tool;
  • regeneration of the Customer's clutches and brakes, provided that the wear of the clutch allows its regeneration and restoration of its original parameters;
  • selection of appropriate clutches and brakes for the customer's new technical projects.

In each case, we do our best and make full use of our experience and material resources to help our customers not only in emergency situations, but we also guarantee the delivery of thousands of clutches and spare parts directly from the warehouse, thus reducing machine downtime.