Category: Accessories

Roll-up cover with band for lathes


Manufacturer Multimasz

  • roll-up cover secures operator’s access to the danger zone (shaft and lead screw)
  • consists of two pieces of roll-up covers in a cassette housing
  • the securing tape extends and unwinds automatically according to the slide travel
  • made of textile material, resistant to cooling and abrasive substances
  • safety guards have the CE mark and Declaration of Conformity



  • covers must be mounted, using bolts, directly to the slide body and to the feed box body
  • if the shape of the slide body or lathe trip levers unable direct mounting of guards, the additional fixing brackets should be made individually



Type Band width (a) Band length (b)
PAM 180×1000 180 mm 1000 mm
PAM 180×1500 180 mm 1500 mm
PAM 180×2000 180 mm 2000 mm
PAM 180×2500 180 mm 2500 mm
PAM 180×3000 180 mm 3000 mm
PAM 200×2000 200 mm 2000 mm
PAM 200×3000 200 mm 3000 mm
PAM 250×2000 250 mm 2000 mm
PAM 250×3000 250 mm 3000 mm
PAM 300×2000 300 mm 2000 mm
PAM 300×3000 300 mm 3000 mm


ATTENTION! It is possible to make safety guards of other dimensions, according to individual arrangements.