Lathe chucks

The basic elements of the tooling of any lathe are the so-called lathe chucks. They come in many sizes, and their division is also made according to the type of seating as well as the number and type of jaws. The lathe machines available in our offer are most often equipped with self-centering three-jaw and four-jaw chucks. self-locking chucks or mechanical-hydraulic chucks.


Our range of lathe chucks

We sell high-quality lathe chucks with manual or mechanical clamping, thanks to which the operator gains greater safety and comfort of use of the machine tool and will be able to fully use machine’s potential. All our products are made of solid materials, which translates into the strength and rigidity of the structure, and thus a long service life. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


What are mechanically clamped lathe chucks?

We provide high-quality lathe chucks with mechanical clamping, which are perfect especially for serial production. Their purpose is to ensure reliable and precise operation of the lathe with the least effort on the part of the operator of the device. In addition, mechanically clamped lathe chucks allow the workpiece to be clamped quickly and maintain a constant, high clamping force.