Milling heads

We supply new and refurbished uniswivel and two-plane swivel heads for new and used machine tools, primarily to Polish, Russian and German milling machines of the type: FWA, FWF, FYA, FYC, FYD, FYJ, FWC, 6P80, 6P81, 6P82, 6T83, FSS350, FSS450, FU350, FU450, FW350, FW450, FU251, FU321.

In some cases, after consultation with the customer, we offer regeneration of milling heads or its overhaul.

Directly from stock, we can offer new milling heads for Jarocin milling machines.

Available heads and instrumentation:

  • two-plane swivel milling head type FFZ
  • uniswivel milling head type FFX
  • type FJFB 250
  • slotting machine type FFJ