Universal lathes TMD 50

tokarki uniwersalne tmd 66

Technical parameters TMD-50 / 1000 / 1500
Turning diameter over bed [mm] 500
Turning diameter over support [mm] 300
Turning diameter over the gap [mm] 710
Max workpiece length in the gap [mm] 240
Turning between the centres [mm] 1000 / 1500
Bed width [mm] 390
Max tool top size [mm] 25×25
Max distance from the tool post to spindle axe [min] 230
Max travel of cross slide [mm] 270
Max travel of saddle [mm] 145
Distance from the spindle axe to the bed surface [mm] 250
Distance from the spindle axe to the shelf of the tool post [mm] 25
Spindle rotation range [rpm] 36-1600 [12]
Spindle bore [mm] 105
Spindle taper MT6, fi 113mm, 1:20
Metric threads range 1-14 [22]
Inch threads range 2-28 [25]
Modular threads range 0,5-7 [18]
DP threads range 4-56 [24]
Max travel of the tailstock sleeve [mm] 150
Tailstock sleeve taper MT5
Tailstock sleeve diameter [mm] 75
Main motor power [kW] 7,5
Rapid travel motor power [W] 300-370
Coolant pump motor power [W] 120
Width [mm] 1100
Height [mm] 1500
Length [mm] 2700 / 3200
Weight [kg]

Standard equipment:

Optional equipment:

Digital readout system (DRO) for 3 axes
(optical scales)

Steady rest Ø 130-250 mm

3-jaw chuck Ø 315 mm with driving plate

Driving plate Ø 500mm
for turning irregular workpieces

4-jaw chuck Ø 400 mm with driving plate

Thread counter

Steady rest Ø 20-120 mm


Follow rest Ø 20-80 mm


Safety guards
(chuck, tool post, lead screw and driving shafts)


Reduction sleeve 110/6


Dead centre 6 i 5


Lighting and cooling system


Tool box