hydraulics and pneumatics

hydraulics and pneumatics


In this category, you will find a large selection of professional pumps, lubricators, dispensers, as well as many other hydraulic and pneumatic devices and parts. We offer high quality, proven and reliable central lubrication systems for industrial machines, coolant pumps, oil pumps, gear and screw pumps, and many other items used in various industry branches.

You will find among others: compressors, connection plates, manometers; pneumatic actuators; motors: pneumatic and hydraulic; pumps: screw type, toothed, hydraulic; valves and distributors; Orsta accumulators and spare partss; filters, cartridges and many more.

We work with reliable and experienced producers, such as: ATOS, ATE, BOSCH, COMP-AIR, HAWE, ŁUCZNIK, ORSTA, PARKER, PREMA, PONAR WADOWICE, RECTUS, REXROTH, VICKERS


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