Pneumatic clutch for the press KD2128

The big pneumatic clutc-brake is most often used on forging devices and presses of the following types: KD2128, KD2328, KD2128K, KD2328K, KD2128E, KD2328E, H-3222A, HA-3223, HA-3225, H-475, H-481, H-483.

For clutch-brake systems, we offer individual components, such as brake discs, friction linings, bushings, body pins, flywheel pins, springs and sealing sets.

We carry out orders for the delivery of clutch-brake systems type: YB3132, YB3135, YB3138, YB3138, YB3141, YB3144, YB3146 for various guillotines and presses of the former USSR origin.

The weight of the complete clutch is between 250-270 kg, depends on the exact type.