cooling pumps – AP series

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cooling pumps – AP series



pumping of cooling emulsions and cutting fluids,
kinematic viscosity 90 mm 2 / s,
liquid temperature 0 … 60 ̊C.

Used in metalworking machines and machines for the production and processing of ceramics, glass and all equipment in which there is a cooling system.



three-phase motor,
body, cover and impeller made of PP,
roller made constructional steel,
high quality ball bearings maximally minimizing noise and vibration,
construction enabling easy assembly and disassembly,
degree of protection IP 54,
max working pressure 50 kPa.



TypeCapacity [l/min]Frequency [Hz]Power [kW]Draught [mm]Rotations [obr./min]Voltage [V]Terminal
AP 12max. 5050/600,091102830230/400G 3/4 ”
AP 17max. 5050/600,091162830230/400G 3/4 “
AP 22max. 5050/600,092102830230/400G 3/4 “

ATTENTION: in order to protect the motor of the electropump against overload, a thermal motor protection must be used, enabling setting the cut-off current of approx. 0.36 A.



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